Frequently Asked Questions by Users


Frequently Asked Questions by users



Q:Clicked on the download link but can't download the file?

Do the folowing:

- In some hours due to high traffic to the download server, the site may be slow to start or slow to download, it is best to copy and paste the download link into a download manager (which can be downloaded here)
- If it doesn't download again, test your browser's proxy and connection .
-Change your browser,refresh the tab and try again.
-Switch between networks(MTN,Vodafone,Airteltigo,GLO etc.)
-If you experience slow download,connect to a vpn network and resume download.
Lightdl works best with Firefox and IDM for PC
UC browser for Mobile phones.
Q:Error 503 Downloading File?

This problem is due to multiple files being downloaded at the same time, you need to download the files you are trying to download individually and then download one file after downloading but if you start downloading multiple files at once you may get an error message 503 encounter.
 Q:Do I encounter an error 404 when downloading a file?

This problem is caused by the crash of the download link AND you can let us know through the comments section of that post to fix it.

Q:How do I play the VIDEOS/MOVIES? 

ANS: We recommend using VLC  for PC and MX player for Mobile
Q:What is the password for files placed on the site?
ANS: The password for all files are under the download links in every post .All letters must be typed in small letters.

Q: What software do I use to download files?

We recommend IDM software for you, it can download your files safely and with faster download speeds. This software has other features including: scheduling for downloading your files, bandwidth sharing for Any of your downloads. 

You can try ANT DOWNLOAD MANAGER as an alternative.

Q: I enter the password  but it still gives me an error message, what is the reason?



There can be several reasons:

1. It may be case- sensitive when entering your password from your keyboard, and the password should be capitalized, and this is a problem because all the password on this site needs to be typed in lowercase.
3. You may have copied & pasted it instead of typing your password, which may also be incorrect, and you might want to type in a password.
4. If all of the above is true and you still get the password error message, it is because the file you have downloaded has not been downloaded correctly and you will encounter an error message because the file is incomplete.
4.You are not using the latest version of winrar.Download latest version here.

If your problem is still not solved,put it down in the comment section of that particular post And we will fix it ASAP.

Q:I intend to download a game or software, but it has many parts,part01,part02,part03,part04  etc. What does it mean?

We divide the bulk files into smaller sections to make it easier to download and less likely to crash, for example if we integrate a 7GB file to download and if you download 4GB and your internet connection goes down or your PC crash,You will have to download it again from scratch and this means you have wasted your internet bundle and time. 


1.Choose only one section (Games:fitgirl,corepack,cpy,prophet etc.)
                                           (Softwares: x86-32bit,x64-64bit,mac,windows,portable etc.)

2.Download all the parts and put them in one folder,extract the first part and the rest will automatically extract.

Use winrar to extract and type the password below the download links correctly.

3.Now open the extracted folder to access your file.

NB: If your file is in .iso format,then use daemon tools to access it.

Q:Some files, including crack,are detected by antivirus as a virus, is it really a virus?


No, such files, including crack, are identified as being viruses by nature, disable your antivirus for a few minutes, and use such files or crack, and then activate your antivirus.
However, some cracks, patches, keygens may have a virus or a Trojan, unfortunately, and the user is responsible for using these software to crack it illegally.

Q:Are the files uploaded for download in RAR or ZIP format? What are these files and what program do i use to open?

ANS:These files are said to be compression files, which reduce the file size first and for the convenience of users downloading only one file instead of downloading multiple files. You can use WinRAR software to open the compressed files.

Q:When I click Patch or Setup file on Windows 7 or 8 no files are running What is the problem?

ANS:In Windows 8, 7 and Vista it is better to right-click the file and click Run as Administrator . This will execute your file.

Q:  I downloaded a file that is ISO or Bin file format.

Files that are compressed to iso format. They must first be opened using virtual drive software such as UltraISO.

When Extracting Files I Suddenly encounter a CRC Wrong Password message, what is the reason?

- This problem is one of the most common issues raised by users. You first need to re-type the password for the files carefully, lowercase, English, and be sure.
- Problem not resolved, You need to repair the download file. Most uploaded files are recoverable, which means that you can try your luck at restoring the file before you can download again, and if the file is not restored, try downloading it again.

Watch this video on how to repair corrupted file with winrar  

Video link---


Q:When Extracting Files I Suddenly encounter a message The archive is either in unknown 
format or damaged , what is the reason?   

ANS: You must first upgrade to the latest version of Winrar.
-Try using 7zip software to extract 
-Try repairing it with winrar,watch this video--

Q:When extracting files, I suddenly get the next volume is required message, what is the reason?

ANS:This is because you have not downloaded all the parts of the file you want, in some cases a large file is split into several sections for easier download, you have to download all the parts to use that file and If you do not even download one of the sections you will not be able to use them and you will see the above message.

Q:Do I encounter an error 404 when downloading a file?

ANS:This problem is caused by the crash of the download link AND you can let us know through the comments section of that post to fix it.


  1. Please show me how to use the crack on software uploaded for us on this page